Worlds 1st Google Powered Cloud Call Center

About us

For companies running a call center operation that are frustrated with the high cost, complexity and difficulty of the conventional systems, AloTech is the web based, pay-as-you-go solution running on Google, which is low cost, fast, easy, scalable and with complete enterprise functionality able to be setup anywhere in the world in 10 minutes.


A jazz guitarist in real life, he works as CEO at AloTech in his spare time.
AloTech CTO, refuses any claims that he has been seen working as a DJ in night clubs.

Cloud Call Center

AloTech meets all your call center needs consistently and cost effectively using the most advanced technology on the market.

Cloud PBX

AloTech enables you to go beyond your PBX system, offering you all the advantages of the newest technologies on the cloud.

Line Pooling

With AloTech you will never miss a call and your customers will never get a busy signal at any of your businesses’ branches or locations.