Why do e-commerce companies prefer AloTech?

AloTech provides cloud based solutions to e-commerce companies who want to serve best quality of call center solutions. AloTech is prefferred by many companies who can reach a huge number customers. What are the main reasons of AloTech being preffered by the companies? AloTech’s cloud call center product provides a very easy use of services..

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Our Secret Weapon: Google BigQuery

If you want to have a data warehouse for large-scale data analytics without maintenance cost, you must choose a cloud based solution. We are using Google’s BigQuery for large-scale data analytics with AloTech Cloud Call Center Solution. It is fast and easy to manage. Generally we don’t need to write complex map-reduce jobs for processing..

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To monitor and compare the cloud services

Cloud computing services are becoming a more important part of everyday IT operations. Monitoring the performance of various cloud services regularly gained great importance. In the past there were a handful of services, but now we find hundreds of alternatives to compare and monitor performance figures of similar services will require a serious effort. Fortunately,..

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AloTech Awarded “Endeavor Entrepreneur” at the International Selection Panel held in December 2014 in Miami

For AloTech customers, the days of the phone operator are numbered. When Cenk Soyak founded the company in Turkey, local contact center solutions were extremely expensive and international players had not yet entered the market. Cenk built AloTech not only as a local and affordable contact center solution but also one that was technologically forward..

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