Why do e-commerce companies prefer AloTech?

AloTech provides cloud based solutions to e-commerce companies who want to serve best quality of call center solutions. AloTech is prefferred by many companies who can reach a huge number customers. What are the main reasons of AloTech being preffered by the companies? AloTech’s cloud call center product provides a very easy use of services..

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Our Secret Weapon: Google BigQuery

If you want to have a data warehouse for large-scale data analytics without maintenance cost, you must choose a cloud based solution. We are using Google’s BigQuery for large-scale data analytics with AloTech Cloud Call Center Solution. It is fast and easy to manage. Generally we don’t need to write complex map-reduce jobs for processing..

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To monitor and compare the cloud services

Cloud computing services are becoming a more important part of everyday IT operations. Monitoring the performance of various cloud services regularly gained great importance. In the past there were a handful of services, but now we find hundreds of alternatives to compare and monitor performance figures of similar services will require a serious effort. Fortunately,..

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