AloTech Access Requirements

Minimum sytem requirements

  • Processor:1 gigahertz (GHz) or more
  • RAM:2 gigabytes (GB) (32 bit) or 4 GB (64 bit)
  • HDD size:32 GB (32 bit) or 40 GB (64 bit)

Required applications

  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
  • com softphone


Protocol and addresses must be authorized on Web Filter / Firewall

  • http(s)://{tenant}*
  • http(s)://*
  • http(s)://*
  • http(s)://
  • http(s)://**
  • http(s)://
  • http(s)://*

Must access to link below for pop up and status changes

SIP Access:

The registrar information of softphone can be variable as for that network topology and operator. Registrar info is define in tenant settings. Registrar, which is define in tenant, must access SIP (5060) and RTP (10000-20000) ports.

When application is running, other applications, that are used at SIP ports, can not installed on pc. (e.g. Microsoft Lync)


We suggest USB headphones (preferably Jabra or Sennheiser) (e.g: Jabra UC VOICE 550)

Internet Access:

ADSL , which is supported QoS, can be used up to 3 agents. On the other hand G.SHDSL, Fiber, Metro Ethernet etc. solutions conceivable for larger groups