Business Software

Click-to-call was integrated with SAP. Customers search results can now be reported again through this integration.


Result codes of inbound and outbound calls are transferred to the Windesk platform and integrated with existing data making them reportable. Thus enabling customers to follow missing calls through its existing data, plan return time and calls and record the results of these calls.


The whole Alotech platform is now integrated with Zoho enabling customers to have very fast and easy integrated implementations.


With Mi4biz we help you to communicate with your customers, manage their issues and improve customer satisfaction via fully integrated Call Center + CRM Suite.


With Sestek MRCP services, Speech Recognition and Text To Speech services are now enabled through Alotech.


In integration with Salesforce, and thanks to Alotech softphone, calls can be made and reported without opening a second screen. Voice records can be listened to out of this platform as well.


Using MS Dynamics, Alotech makes it possible to view existing data via click-to-call and caller ID and to report call result codes.


In integration with ROP (Restaurant Automation Program), the records of customers calling the restaurant can be opened directly by the restaurant staff. Consequently, making it possible to record calls made to restaurants by registered customers in this system.



AloTech communicates with all Avaya PBX systems through SIP.


Alotech’s substructure communicates with Alcatel PBX systems through SIP.

SIP enabled CCM is now in use by many of Alotech’s customers.



Testing of Yealink telephone models has been carried out in Alotech test laboratories. Functions such as auto-provision and automatic directory loading can be supported in nearly all models.


Many Alotech customers work with Cisco telephones and Cisco SIP supported products.


The Alotech platform supports various digital and analogue Teles gateways and FCT devices.


Many of AudioCodes wide range of digital and analogue products can be used by Alotech customers.