Cenk Soyak
CEO cenk.soyak@alo-tech.com

Born in Turkey’s capital city Ankara, Cenk Soyak, Alotech founder and CEO, earned his civil engineering degree from Middle East Technical University and his Executive MBA from Koç University in Istanbul. His extensive education in both engineering and business has proved to be critical as he has made his way up the corporate ladder.

Before founding Alotech, Cenk Soyak (pronounced Jenk) spent many years working in the ever changing telecommunications industry. As general manager of Effortel he established and managed MVNO and MVNE operations in Turkey. While at Stratech he combined his telecom experience with his business expertise to help Turkish companies to compete in domestic and foreign markets. Starting as a senior consultant and advancing to General Manager at Ernst and Young gave Cenk the valuable foundation in finance and professional services a CEO needs. However, sharing his knowledge and experience maybe what Cenk Soyak does best. Since 2001, he has been teaching business as a member of the faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University in their MBA program.

Though his academic and business success is important to him, Cenk Soyak has a seemingly neverending number of interests. For example, he is also a gifted musician and performer who can be heard playing jazz guitar at some of the best clubs in town.


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