“3rd A Call from Cloud” event which reflects the past and future of the cloud call centers has been held. AloBot was also announced in this event. The event held in Google Dome Istanbul and the main subject of the event was the technologies of cloud call centers.

Cenk Soyak attended as the speaker in the name of AloTech and he made the opening speech. After him, the Country Manager of Google Cloud mentioned Next Generation. New systems developed with AI, can make people’s life easier and provides important skills. Some of them are instant translation, Speech to Text and Text to Speech skills. These systems can also improve itself.

The CTO and the founder of AloTech, İdris Avcı, provided the information about AloTech’s call center robot named AloBot. The voice reply service AloBot which is developed with the cooperation with Google, can identify the voice of the caller and identifies the content and gives related answers. Thanks to its AI supported system, AloBot can improve, educate itself and learn new things.

During the session called The Future of the Call Centers, companies talked about their experience about AloTech’s services. They have talked about how they began working with AloTech and the advantages of AloTech services. They have also talked about the speed and quality of reporting systems which is developed with Google infrastructure.

“The thing which can not happen in call centers with robots” was mentioned. These types of call centers can eliminate some problems which can occur in traditional call centers. Among these problems, illness, retarding, smoking breaks can be listed. Thanks to robots, important benefits such work and time efficiency can be done by call centers with robots.

Cloud Call Center AloBot

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