If you want to have a data warehouse for large-scale data analytics without maintenance cost, you must choose a cloud based solution.

We are using Google’s BigQuery for large-scale data analytics with AloTech Cloud Call Center Solution. It is fast and easy to manage. Generally we don’t need to write complex map-reduce jobs for processing large scale data, SQL-like queries are enough for most situations.

AloTech provides real time dashboards and reports about call center activity, call center performance, outbound campaign performance etc. For real time analytics, we need to insert records instantly to our warehouse instead of bulk loading. BigQuery streaming insert support allowed us to do this.

I prepared an example Google App Engine Python application. You can check this out clicking the link below.


Main concepts:

  • Connect Google Services with Google App Engine api.
  • Inserting data to Google BigQuery for realtime analytics.
  • Use deferred library in app engine for asynchronous background tasks.


Happy coding!

Kenan Kocaerkek

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