Cloud computing services are becoming a more important part of everyday IT operations. Monitoring the performance of various cloud services regularly gained great importance. In the past there were a handful of services, but now we find hundreds of alternatives to compare and monitor performance figures of similar services will require a serious effort. Fortunately, the situation has lead to the need for solutions to this issue.

Cloudharmony is one of these services. A very handy and simple interface with the ability of the comparison of the various cloud services and performance values in a specific time period. You can get detailed reports with a fee or able to get a lot of values free of charge.

As you can see in the address performance of many cloud services has four-digit after the coma (99.9996 is one of the values I see in the page now) show that expression how these services are started to be measured by sharp values. Now downtime increasingly falling. In this case, cloud services are becoming more powerful candidates to replace the built-in IT solutions every day.

Again reviewing the page one remarkable point is how the page owners saw the need of such a service at an early stage for cloud computing industry in 2009. Already after a certain period (as indicated in the address global giant Gartner acquired the cloudharmony service.

Those conducting the service regret ties with any cloud service, and denoting that they are carrying out this work with great impartiality. I hope they maintain this attitude and continue to provide us with objective scientific research in this area. Those who get cloud services should follow Cloudharmony.

Evren Akbulut

Infrastructure Architect – Alotech

Cloud CloudHarmony Gartner Monitoring

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AloTech is the ¨Cloud Innovation World Cup Winner¨ of 2015
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