The advantages of cloud call centers for companies

Call centers, firstly, cost a huge amount of budget for companies when they are built in traditional structures. Buildings, office installations, network setups cause big investments and payments. The other factor is time. Traditional call centers need a big amount of time to be built and for preparations. At this point, one of the biggest advantages of cloud call centers can be seen.

According to a survey held in UK, a big number of companies start to move the cloud. The 25% of the companies moved completely to the cloud to serve better to their customers. 28% of the companies move partially while 21% of the companies have a plan to move in the near future.

This survey shows that companies are very satisfied after moving their call center services to cloud when they consider customer satisfaction, adaption to new technologies and financial benefits. 89% agrees with the financial advantage of cloud while a result of 88% says ease of use and functionality are the most important factors of moving to the cloud.

AloTech is one of the most preferred companies with its advanced cloud call center services. The cloud call center system which reduces the costs dramatically, easy installation and ease of use are some of factors that makes AloTech preferable. AloTech becomes companies’ favorites by eliminating service, upgrade, operating system and software costs and by providing easy and quick setup.

According to research 89% of the participants show that cloud call centers are chosen thanks to its easy use. 87% of them says in addition to product and service continuity, zero risk of data loss is the most important reason for choosing cloud call centers.

Moving to the cloud systems and among the AloTech’s advantages, reduced costs, easy and quick installation have important roles. Besides, only pay for use method is very important for companies.Thanks to this, companies do not have to pay for services that they never use. This is also among the advantages of AloTech.

Complex and old fashioned call centers caused a big amount of costs to the companies. The call centers which are moved to the cloud system are both modern and advantageous. It can clearly be seen when all the advantages of cloud call centers are take into account.

Karmaşık ve eski tip çağrı merkezi sistemleri hem detaylı hem de genel açılarıyla şirketler adına büyük yüklere sebep olurken, buluta taşınan çağrı merkezi sistemleri hem daha modern hem de her açıdan avantajlı oluşu ile tercih edilmektedir. Tüm bu avantajları ve kolaylıkları düşündüğümüzde ise şirketlerin bulut çağrı merkezi sistemlerine neden geçiş yapması gerektiğini çok net bir biçimde anlayabiliriz.

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