AloTech provides cloud based solutions to e-commerce companies who want to serve best quality of call center solutions. AloTech is prefferred by many companies who can reach a huge number customers. What are the main reasons of AloTech being preffered by the companies?

AloTech’s cloud call center product provides a very easy use of services on web browser which are used in daily life by the e-commerce companies. Since team members are familiar with these web browsers, they will not have difficulty in using AloTech’s cloud call center services. So, there will be no extra installation and training costs.

So, how did we create the service that we use on the web browser?

WebRTC (Web-based real-time communication) is a system which is used in web based systems and helps to create real time communication. The API, which is based on Javascript, puts in the service with its audio and video process engines, is given to the developers. This API gives opportunity to create multimedia applications with HTML5 and Javascript support.

WebRTC, which enables all communication ways to be done over web browser including audio and video communications, helps alternative communications methods in call center sectors.

Our product can be used on Google Chrome which is one of most used web browsers in the world. Thanks to this feature, there will be no need for external system installation and software setup. This will reduce the costs as well.

Functional IVR system, which is one of the features of our cloud call center product, is one of the most important reasons for e-commerce companies to prefer AloTech. IVR service with its advanced features provides easy use and helps to reach tracking and stock information by using interactive voice response system. Customers can get any information that they need with some easy voice commands.

AloTech cloud call center product corresponds companies’ reason for preference with the features such as easy setup, high integration with web browsers and good user experience.

Other reasons for e-commerce companies to prefer AloTech and AloTech’s services can be explanied below.

Cloud based solutions remove the most important costs for companies that are caused by traditional call center services. These kinds of call centers are not considered as companies financial burdens anymore. Hardware installations, cabling, installations, licencing and training courses are not the parts of new high tech cloud based services. In addition, most of the payments systems which are being used by e-commerce systems can be easily integrated by cloud based services. This is one of most important advantages of AloTech services.

While building call centers, network equipments, servers, IP phones, routers, modems are the basic needs but costs too much. Service and updating processes are also extra costs for companies. AloTech’s cloud call center services save these costs.

User friendly interface, Turkish and English language supported platforms make it easier to use the system for all types of staff. Another advantage of cloud based call center service that makes AloTech first choice is the payment methods for companies. Companies only pay for what they use and they will never have to give a commitment for cloud based services.

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